The Whole Fucking Show

TWFS Interview: Jake “The Snake” Roberts.

The Whole Fucking Show – Jake “The Snake” Roberts.(mp3)

Kevin Scampoli and Danny Richardson get together with Jake “The Snake” Roberts to discuss Andre The Giant legit getting bit by a snake, wrestler court, Jake’s anger towards Vader, disrespectful young wrestlers, how to dispose of a dead snake, Mr Fuji’s backstage power and sick ribbing, ICP’s “Gathering” and Jake’s animosity towards Juggalos, the biggest asshole in wrestling, DDP Yoga, Raw 1000, the WWE Hall of Fame and who Jake would have induct him, Charles Manson being Jake’s “hero”, Jake’s value for TNA and WWE today, being at odds with Vince McMahon, not being a world heavyweight champion, Jake’s weight issues, the bastardization of the DDT, Jake’s upcoming book, and everything in between.

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