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SOTW Episode 32 – Parenthesis Colon

Vleeties and Joe Papi get together for another edition of the Slam of the Week to discuss What a Co-Host Is, why Vleeties is Quitting Drinking Again, The Elimination PPV, Rock v. CM Punk Worst Match Ever?, The Shield Promos, The New WWE Championship Belt, Sin Cara Needs a Heel Turn, Why is Rey Mysterio Still a Thing, THE DEBUT OF BOY VLEETS WORLD, Texting Smiley Faces, Parenthesis Colon vs. Emoticons, Vleeties Gets Depressed, JOE PAPI’S CREEK, Max Murder’s Creek, and a Phenomenal Audition by Matty Porter. PLUS A BONUS PLAYSTATION 4 DISCUSSION AFTER THE OUTRO. All that and more on this episode on the Slam of the Week.

SOTW Episode 32 – Parenthesis Colon (mp3)