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Inspirational TWFS Essay

Written by Pete Poison. Senior Captain #15, curls4dagirls, has decided to use The Whole F’n Show as the inspiration for a paper he wrote for school. Find the results below. Essay by Brian O’Shea. I was born on June 4th, 1996, and grew up with my two older twin brother and sister. I’m the baby […]

Kevin Recaps Summerslam on His Blog…

Written by Pete Poison. Kevin took to his personal blog to recap his Summerslam 2013 experience! Kristen and I went to Los Angeles for WWE Summerslam last weekend. We were a part of an eight person party with Danny and five listeners. The seats were fantastic, and the event was among the best of the […]

The Max Murder Life.

– Entry taken from Kevin Scampoli’s blog. Living the Max Murder Life is living every hashtag, yet living none of them. It is a common bit to mock ‘living The Max Murder Life’ by blurting it out during lazy tasks (“… sitting on the couch, living that Max Murder Life!”) or negative life events (“Looks […]

Craig is in Prison!

Written by Mama Centipede.    Locker Room Leader #4 and #ilikewrestling news team member Craig Lalonde is in prison! Back in #twfs141 (All Hail TMW!) Kevin read the first of hopefully many letters to come from the incarcerated Human Centipede member. The reveal of Craig’s whereabouts led to an outpouring of support and the birth of […]

Is Debo Leaving The TWFS Locker Room?

Written by Mama Centipede.       During #twfs141 (All Hail TMW!), Locker Room Leader #99, Big Debo, (Also host of Debo Life Coach on #ilikecomedy) called in to discuss the Zimmerman trial. An intense argument ensued, with Kevin siding with the defense’s argument and Debo adamant that Zimmerman was racially profiling Trayvon Martin and that […]

Kevin on “Holding His Shit In”…

Written by Pete Poison. After years of hearing Kevin Scampoli talk about “holding his shit in” – I had to track him down. On The Whole Fucking Show, he makes the act of ‘not shitting when you have to’ sound so pleasurable. Admittedly, I’ve tried it more than once because of his musings (I’m highly […]

Battle of The BRANDS!

Written by Mama Centipede.    In #twfs140 – “New Dad Flow” we were introduced yet again to Hardy Boyz superfan, 20-year old @georgerbrand from twitter. The first time we became acquainted with this creature was back in #twfs125 – “@Georgerbrand”, in which Kevin and Danny received a call-in from the man himself. What began as a […]

Dark Menstrual Face Turn!

Written by Matches Malone. We all know Dark Menstrual as that annoying kid with the voice modulator who would call into The Whole Fucking Show and attempt to be the new Assmaster. After weeks of calling, he seemed like he would never get over. Enter MDA. We have a new little kid with a voice […]

Cyberbullying – A letter to @GeorgeRBrand.

Written by Matches Malone. If you haven’t been keeping up with TWFS lately, you’ve been missing out on some great content. You might remember a kid from #twfs125 named GeorgeRBrand. You know, that kid that rubbed the phone on his dick? Yeah, him. I won’t trouble you with the details (I know how you little […]


Written by Pete Poison and Max Murder.After #twfs139 (BEEP), the TWFS Locker Room was left shrouded in doubt and worry that we saw Max Murder’s final call-in. Kevin had hastily revealed a secret that Max did not want made public. We here at are proud to provide you with this exclusive update, written in […]

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